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New “Security” steps to get on the lot for SCNC meetings

New “Security” steps to get on the lot for SCNC meetings
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About the new “security” steps to get on the CBS lot for SCNC meetings.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Shrieking Sarkin sent out an e-mail late this afternoon, that outlines all the hoops you now have to jump through just to get to the meeting where she will then do her level best to keep you from exercising your rights as a stakeholder.

What the e-mail *didn’t* tell you is that she has been aware of this kabuki “security theater” and the requirements for at least several weeks, but apparently thought it would be best to surprise the stakeholders with it at the last moment. Maybe that’s a reward for us not voting in her slate of hand picked toadies, sycophants and strap hangers?

Regardless of why she didn’t deign to give us decent notice, she also didn’t tell you that she, and the other board members, are NOT under the same restrictions: The vlasti can still drive onto the lot and park adjacent to the meeting, while we zeks are to be graciously allowed to park on the far side of the property, be subjected to a insecurity groping, ala TSA, and then get to walk over and back to the meeting site all the way across the lot.

Orwell was right.

Richard Adams

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