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“All Documents Relating to LISA SARKIN” The story behind her 2015 recall petition

“All Documents Relating to LISA SARKIN” The story behind her 2015 recall petition
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Studio City Residents need to know that even though the recall hearing where furious constituents gathered signatures to have Lisa Sarkin removed from office for various forms of shameless conduct ended last summer, it continues for the residents who spoke out about how Sarkin in her offical position on the Studio City Neighborhood Council had been working against constituents and lobbying for developer, Richard Weintraub.  The emails from that period, unlike incumbent candidates, do not lie.

LINK – emails from behind closed doors at the SCNC

To refresh the local memory, Richard Weintraub is the developer who Sarkin worked with closely for the years that he failed to pay $1.6M in City transit occupancy as well as parking occupancy taxes, in favor of a less expensive pay-to-play arrangement with councilmember Krekorian’s office to have half a million in public money waived and to get the surplus firehouse next to Sportsmen’s Lodge without competitive bidding.

LINK-Critics question private sale of L.A. fire station to developer

LINK – LA’s City Council Addicted: Can’t Stop Making Sweet Deals on City Property


The painful truth, and something that should be reviewed and remembered as residents consider who to vote for and who NOT TO VOTE for in the upcoming Neighborhood Council election on April 7, 2016, is that Richard Weintraub and his lawyers have subpoena’d those very same local residents for “all documents relating to the Neighborhood Council and Lisa Sarkin.”  

LINK – Records Subpoena

So, message received loud and clear, if you reach out for help in Studio City you will face a horrifying and scary retaliation.

That’s why, as a thirty year resident who does not stomach corruption well, and one who knows that the Malibu Lumber Yard is awful, not great, I have brought this and other issues to the County District Attorney of Los Angeles.

Lisa Sarkin does not speak for all residents of Studio City.

Eric Preven
Candidate – Studio City Neighborhood Council 2016

Lisa Sarkin-John Walker-SCNC is here to inform and empower residents. Let’s make local government more responsive to local needs. comes from a group of residents fed up with a group of Studio City “elite” making backroom decisions benefiting THEM and not US. is dedicated to sharing vital local information. We will speak the truth no matter how unpleasant it is. will strive to inform. A repository of information. Want to know more about the Harvard Westlake Project? Sportsmen’s Landing Project? Weddington Golf and Tennis? Mansionization? New developments coming to our neighborhood? A place to ask questions, get answers and share what you know. Get informed prior to attending a Neighborhood Council or Residents Association meeting. Come prepared with probing questions for our SCNC and SCRA representatives.

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