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Warning to Neighborhood council: Stop breaking City election rules

Warning to Neighborhood council: Stop breaking City election rules
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Local Resident Eric Preven demands that the Studio City Neighborhood Council remove the self-congratulatory and rambling list of…Studio City Neighborhood Council 2015 Accomplishments



As you know the election period for the neighborhood council began on December 24, 2015 (the date that voter registration began) and will end on April 7, 2016 the date of the election. During that period it is unmistakably against ethics commission rules to distribute by email and post on the SCNC website any communications from the Neighborhood Council except highly specialized communications pertaining ONLY to the logistics of the election itself.

There is nothing controversial or ambiguous about this rule.

Councilmember Krekorian himself, ceased the publication of his CD2 newsletter during the period of the recent CD2 election, stating clearly that “In order to comply with the LA City ethics, we are unable to send you Councilmember Krekorian’s newsletter before the upcoming March 2015 election.”

To be clear it is a reportable violation of LA City election code for Studio City Neighborhood Council to send out any communication that contains the name, action or any other identifying information relating to the current incumbents on the Council or, again, any information except information strictly related to the information necessary for Studio City residents to excercise their right to vote for the individuals that they think most prudently spend taxpayer dollars. Moreover, the election-only communication just described, must not take the form or have the appearance of the regular Studio City eblasts — but must be a special neutral communication.

Consequently, the posting from January 14, 2016 detailing the acomplishments of the incumbent council should be taken down immediately. This is not some Academic argument. The taxpayers of Studio City will not tolerate misuses by Studio City Neighborhood Council incumbents or any individuals, of public funds.

In addition, in accordance with the policy of the Mayor’s office, which freely released it’s media/outreach distribution list in response to a public record request, the Studio City Neighborhood Council must comply with the identical request currently in their possession which was served on December 1, 2015, greater than ten days ago. Forty-seven days ago, if Darren Martinez wants to make further calculations before immediate compliance.

The purpose of this necessity relates both to verifiability and equitable allocation of resources, apart from it being what the law requires.

Kindly confirm receipt.

Eric Preven


In the City official ethics handbook it states:
“Political activity is activity directed at the success or failure of any candidate for elective office in a future election. It includes but is not limited to developing, displaying, or distributing campaign materials. City employees may not authorize the use of City facilities, equipment, supplies, vehicles or any other City property for campaign activity. City property includes mailing lists.”


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