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Please Fix Coldwater Canyon

Please Fix Coldwater Canyon
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Coldwater Canyon - Krekorian

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Please Fix Coldwater Canyon

After you click sign (type) your name at the end of the email and hit SEND. is here to inform and empower residents. Let’s make local government more responsive to local needs. comes from a group of residents fed up with a group of Studio City “elite” making backroom decisions benefiting THEM and not US. is dedicated to sharing vital local information. We will speak the truth no matter how unpleasant it is. will strive to inform. A repository of information. Want to know more about the Harvard Westlake Project? Sportsmen’s Landing Project? Weddington Golf and Tennis? Mansionization? New developments coming to our neighborhood? A place to ask questions, get answers and share what you know. Get informed prior to attending a Neighborhood Council or Residents Association meeting. Come prepared with probing questions for our SCNC and SCRA representatives.

Comments to Please Fix Coldwater Canyon

  • the city has said, quite rightly, that they are not going to re-pave Coldwater between Moorpark and Ventura, until after the completion of the Trunk Line project.

    if they repave it sooner, they’d just have to tear it up to install the pipe, and then everyone would be annoyed at the wasted effort. i will agree that maybe they sould patch up some of the worst dips and such, but there’s no point in spending large amounts of money only to destroy the results.

    Richard C. Adams April 14, 2016 7:48 am Reply
  • Perhaps the community speaking out on this issue will trigger a public message from the council office re:timetable to fix Coldwater and if they don’t hold to it then CD2 will need to explain. All the powers that be need to do is to COMMUNICATE.

    Peter Cole April 14, 2016 8:13 am Reply

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