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1 – Help Us Via Social Media & Newsletter

One of the most powerful tools we have to make sure that the information, articles, petitions, and ‘calls-to-action’ that we post to is you, the local resident and stakeholder of Studio City. Together, we can expand the reach of our message and band together to make local government listen to our needs, hold them accountable for the decisions that they make, and achieve our goals.

We invite you to follow us on your favorite social media platform to help us be most effective at what we are doing. Participate in discussions on our pages. And share the information and articles we post with your friends. As well as sign up for our newsletter so that when an important ‘call-to-action’ comes up we can notify you directly.

2 – Make Your Presence Known by Attending Meetings

Our elected city officials and board representatives need to know that we are paying attention to what is taking place, what is being said, and the decisions that they are making. The more people we have attending important meetings pertaining to the rights and interests of local residents and stakeholders the better.

Attending a meeting can be done by going to the actual meeting or virtually by watching it via live, broadcast. The best way to stay informed of upcoming meetings and live broadcast is to sign up for our newsletter. Or, you can see when the next meeting or live broadcast as well as old recording by clicking on the ‘City Meetings’ or ‘Live Broadcast’ category when visiting this site.

Updates and notifications will be posted to our social media profiles as well.

3 – Let Us Know What Is Going On

If you are currently engaged in a struggle with a developer in your neighborhood or elected city official who is not responding to your efforts to motivate them to watch out for your rights as a property owner and stakeholder of Studio City, let us know. If you have a story or bit of information that you would like to let us know about or share with us, anonymously we are always willing to listen, review, and investigate. To send us a tip and/or let us know what is going on with you click the red ‘Send An Anonymous Tip’ button you see throughout the site or via our contact page.

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