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Lisa Sarkin Land Use Chair or Lobbyist

Lisa Sarkin Land Use Chair or Lobbyist
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It’s impossible to be active in Studio City public life without knowing who Lisa Sarkin is. The long serving “Chair” of the Studio City Neighborhood Council’s (SCNC) Land Use Committee (LUC) with her recent actions has seriously tarnished the reputation of the SCNC.

Lisa Sarkin’s conduct with regards to the “Sportsmen’s Landing” Development was both appalling and intolerable. Not only did she not recuse herself from the review of the Sportsmen’s project by her longtime friend, the developer Richard Weintraub, but both Sarkin and Weintraub misled the SCNC Board members as to how the local residents felt about the proposal. The minutes of the meeting reflect “Lisa Sarkin said in the end the neighbors were ok (with the project) and Richard Weintraub said he met with the residents and they support the project”. This is blatantly false. Not one of the residents on the sub-committee ever were “ok or supported the project”.

Large numbers of local residents also packed the Planning Commission (PC) hearing room to voice protests to potential noise, parking, environmental and traffic issues they felt had not been addressed with this development project. Two members of the SCNC Board also spoke at the Planning Commission Appeal Hearing against the project for the same reasons.

Sarkin used the SCNC email system to send out messages urging the recipients to email the Planning Commission, Councilman Kerkorian and his Chief Deputy of Planning, lobbying in support of the Sportsmen’s Landing project with links to their email addresses. Lisa Sarkin lobbied “it would be appreciated by the applicant (Weintraub) if you would send an email supporting the project personally”. She did this even though there were many stakeholders against the Development Project.

In addition, through the documents received from a Public Information Request (PIR) they show Sarkin kept track as to whether a challenge to the project had been filed. The documents also show Sarkin actively tried to get one of the stakeholder’s appeals disqualified. In addition, she made disparaging comments to City Planning about another stakeholder claiming he is filing just to be a “pain to Richard”. (Notice the familiarity with the developer as she refers to him as “ Richard”.)

You have to ask yourself is Lisa Sarkin, as the Land Use Chair, representing all of Studio City or is she just a Lobbyist?

We need someone who will represent all the stakeholders of Studio City in an unbiased transparent manner not just the groups that are profitable to Lisa Sarkin’s personal agenda.

Please read the documents posted at

We are in the process of gathering signatures on a petition to remove Lisa Sarkin from her position on the Studio City Neighborhood Council. We only have a short 45 day window to gather signatures so your timely action will be of great assistance in helping remove Lisa Sarkin from her lobbying ways and re-empower the Studio City stakeholders once again.

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Lisa Sarkin Land Use Chair or Lobbist - Document 4, Our Studio City is here to inform and empower residents. Let’s make local government more responsive to local needs. comes from a group of residents fed up with a group of Studio City “elite” making backroom decisions benefiting THEM and not US. is dedicated to sharing vital local information. We will speak the truth no matter how unpleasant it is. will strive to inform. A repository of information. Want to know more about the Harvard Westlake Project? Sportsmen’s Landing Project? Weddington Golf and Tennis? Mansionization? New developments coming to our neighborhood? A place to ask questions, get answers and share what you know. Get informed prior to attending a Neighborhood Council or Residents Association meeting. Come prepared with probing questions for our SCNC and SCRA representatives.

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