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Excerpts from Board Member Alex Izbicki’s comments on 4-20-16 SCNC meeting

Excerpts from Board Member Alex Izbicki’s comments on 4-20-16 SCNC meeting
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IZBICKI – Is there a reason why the SCNC didn’t publicize the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Regional Grievance Panel Special Meeting so the public could attend?
SARKIN – We didn’t publicize it because it wasn’t anything we had to do with. DONE did all of it. and the restrictions came out on the agenda and it was sent out the same way that any agenda from a city entity is just like the city council or anything if you’re signed up for DONE agendas or commission agendas actually…BONC agendas you would get it that’s how it works. That’s all there responsible to do and we were told to do nothing else. Our Neighborhood Council was told to say nothing else.
IZBICKI – Who said  say nothing else?
IZBICKI – DONE said do not inform the stakeholders of Studio City?
SARKIN – DONE was handling it we had nothing to do with it.
IZBICKI – There were emails that were sent out that stated that there were challenges. I was wondering when those challenges were going to take place, the venue and the date they were going to take place. Why wasn’t that type of information released to the stakeholders…what I’m trying to say is that it would have been nice to have input from everybody. The more information we have typically the better thought out decision can be passed down. and so my concern was that, that wasn’t done i felt that maybe the Neighborhood Council had a responsibility to distribute that information. I don’t feel they did. Because I never received anything.
SARKIN – The agenda came out and it had explicit directions on what to do on it. A person could send in a challenge, they had to have witness statements, and nothing at the hearing was going to be accepted except what was given in the challenge and the statements. Nothing else that’s how it was explained. That was their responsibility to send it out and that’s all I know. I’ve asked a million questions I haven’t received any answers. There are still three more challenges that are somewhere that we don’t know about.
IZBICKI – That’s understandable Lisa but my question was that there was a stakeholder by the name of Jeffery Jacobs who I am a friend of he’s my neighbor and he sent out an email to you that stated what’s going on with these challenges, do you have any information. An I believe, I don’t have the email in front of me, but it was stated that we don’t know anything.


SARKIN – I didn’t know anything because I have no official…I have nothing. What Mike wrote is what Mike heard. I have received nothing official from DONE about what happened at the challenge hearing.
Isn’t this the Same Lisa Sarkin at the Regional Grievance Panel Meeting who can’t answer questions about the Regional Grievance Panel proceedings”?
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