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Mr. City Attorney, who’s to blame? SCNC Election misinformation

Mr. City Attorney, who’s to blame? SCNC Election misinformation
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Incumbent candidates Lisa Sarkin and Lana Shakelford have been taking turns pointing fingers–a hallmark of the Studio City Neighborhood Council–regarding the inarguable failure to put up fair and equitable elections.  Code word: CONFUSION
While Lisa Sarkin blamed DONE and Lana Shakelford tastefully blamed former President John Walker, Stephen Box, a Senior Project Coordinator and Director of Outreach and Communication for EmpowerLA was notified and confirmed himself that the information necessary to register and vote for candidates in the EMPLOYEE/INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR category has not and is still not available to online voters on the EmpowerLA website. 

Box shared a DRAFT (on March 22, 2016) of the information with a candidate who had brought the omission to his attention. At the time of writing, the DRAFT document has not found its way onto either the EmpowerLA Website or the Studio City Neighborhood Council website. 

The Employee/Independent Contractor category, according to DONE, was an invention of the Studio City Neighborhood Council–the only council that has such a category. 

Council President Sarkin’s attitude about voters being unable to access the information needed to vote against her in this election, less than a week before the end of the online voting period, is beyond worrisome.  

Sarkin claimed on March 16, 2016  “we have done everything we possibly can to get this done. It’s very difficult to register in my opinion. We argued about it we tried to get it changed and we are still stuck with … the way that it’s generally throughout the whole entire city. So that’s…that’s all we can do at this point.”  

Why have Lisa Sarkin and Stephen Box from EmpowerLA refused to fix these problems?  What’s the reason…?

If in fact, “It’s very difficult to register” why don’t Rudy Melendez and the rest of the incumbents join the residents of Studio City and sign the petition for more time?   All candidates and voters would be the beneficiaries of such an extension. 

The solution to extend the on-line voting period for 21 days has been ignored by the City Attorney.   Let him know how you feel.

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