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Sarkin goes ballistic on volunteers at Farmers Market

Sarkin goes ballistic on volunteers at Farmers Market
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Before You Vote on Thursday, Please Read…important…

Craig Radow here. Before I rant for a moment about the politics of Studio City Neighborhood Council, let me first reiterate why I decided to run for one of the homeowner seats: Quite simply, I am worried about crime, homelessness, and want to focus on the overall beautification and preservation of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, while I remain focused on that message, my experience as a first-time candidate has been very disappointing. I started bright eyed but the election over the last few weeks has been very discouraging; coming to a head this morning. And I share my experience because whether I win or lose one of the 4 homeowner seats on Thursday, it should be a wake up call to all that care about the future of the neighborhood.

So I was asked, and volunteered to help the Studio City Neighborhood Council raise awareness at the Farmer’s Market for the upcoming election (not raise awareness for MY campaign, but an overall ‘get out to vote’ rally). Both last weekend and today, I knew what my volunteering responsibilities were at the booth and I took my role seriously. I arrived at the booth at my designated time of 10:30 AM and greeted my fellow candidates and incumbents.

Everything was going great when just past 11 AM Studio City’s current council president, LISA SARKIN stopped by the booth. I thought to myself “oh that’s cool, Lisa is coming our way to say hello and thank us for volunteering”.

I could not be more wrong.

Instead of a pat on the back — or even a hello — she literally started YELLING at three of us: “YOU CAN NOT CAMPAIGN HERE” she bellowed. I even kinda turned away for a moment because I was like – not sure what she’s all worked up about… but nothing to do with me!

Then she yelled directly at me: “CRAIG, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? YOU CAN NOT CAMPAIGN HERE. YOU CAN NOT TALK ABOUT HARVARD WESTLAKE”. huh? I’m handing out some flyers to raise voting awareness. Harvard Westlake? Self Campaigning? Um No.

I haven’t had someone talk to me this way since… well ever. Let alone someone who is supposed to be a leader of the neighborhood (and trying to retain her seat on the council). The tone and temperament was SHOCKING.

If you have any doubt this took place — CURRENT board member, Alex Izbicki and CANDIDATE, Eric Preven were standing with me and equally felt the wrath. We were honestly dumbfounded by this traumatizing experience. I’m a young guy, but my heart was beating a mile a minute because of OUR neighborhood council PRESIDENT.

Who cares whether I get an apology or not. But my eyes have been opened. Strange Politics outweigh the issues on this council. Backdoor sneakiness have outweighed a fair and equitable campaign (which I have actually been apologized to on a number of occasions…after the fact)

When I entered the race, I was actually warned by others ON THE COUNCIL about THE COUNCIL. I shrugged it off. But believe or not, the brief taste of what I’ve experienced has been worse than I thought.

**I should point out… Lisa and I are not even running against each other. I am concerned more as a stakeholder**

So let this be a head’s up to the community. Choose wisely on Thursday. Or at the very least, I ask you PAUSE for a minute and think about who you want to represent you — let alone LEAD the council.


Section 1: Code of Civility – The SCNC, its representatives, and all community Stakeholders shall conduct all SCNC business in a civil, professional and respectful manner. Board members will abide by the Commission’s Neighborhood Council Board Member Code of Conduct Policy. is here to inform and empower residents. Let’s make local government more responsive to local needs. comes from a group of residents fed up with a group of Studio City “elite” making backroom decisions benefiting THEM and not US. is dedicated to sharing vital local information. We will speak the truth no matter how unpleasant it is. will strive to inform. A repository of information. Want to know more about the Harvard Westlake Project? Sportsmen’s Landing Project? Weddington Golf and Tennis? Mansionization? New developments coming to our neighborhood? A place to ask questions, get answers and share what you know. Get informed prior to attending a Neighborhood Council or Residents Association meeting. Come prepared with probing questions for our SCNC and SCRA representatives.

Comments to Sarkin goes ballistic on volunteers at Farmers Market

  • who is running, what is each of their positions on Harvard Westlake project, studio city golf and tennis and the Mansionization of our neighborhood and where do i vote?

    donald miller April 4, 2016 1:53 pm Reply
  • Wow. Surprised how negative Sarkin was toward others. Leaders are supposed to bring people together, not divide them.

    Jordan L. April 28, 2016 1:28 pm Reply

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