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Studio City Online Voting is an Embarrassment

Studio City Online Voting is an Embarrassment
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I went out to our community – my neighbors – met folks at Third Thursdays in Tujunga Village.  Reached out about what all of us are trying to do.  Spoke of local empowerment.  Distributed positive literature with dozen-step instructions for online voting.  Got excited for election day and the work many of us might do in the coming term.

Those in our community that chose to be engaged, registered — just to have their personal information compromised by the now-infamous leak.  Punished with a breach of data that made me shudder… feeling like by persuading them into the process, I had betrayed them and their security.

As a stake-holder, I tried to register to vote online well over a week ago.   Finally heard back 6 days later.  No PIN.  Wrote the help desk.  Called the number.  Spoke to some really nice folks.  They are outsourced and can’t actually help.  Spoke with some really nice folks at Empower LA!.  I was told there was an “internal error”.  Someone on their end didn’t do my registration correctly.  That it’s fixed now.  It wasn’t fixed.  I called back.  More of the same.  Their final suggestion was that I “vote in person”… something I can’t do with my work schedule this week.

I asked my friends and neighbors and kind strangers to engage in this election process on behalf of all of us.  In return, they’ve potentially had their time wasted, their identities compromised — and most-likely their vote not counted.

As you can see in the attached, nothing has been made right for me as a voter – I am currently inaccurately credentialed to vote for “Residential Homeowner” and “At-Large”.  In reality I am a Renter with a Licensed Business.  I would be a fraud if I completed the ballot provided by Empower LA!.

Most importantly, I don’t know what to say to my neighbors that were excited about the election and who have been similarly disenfranchised or possibly compromised.   But can we at least stop saying that “Everyone Counts”?  The online voting was a failure – it must be retired until it is improved.  Let’s hold open, in-person elections, and trust that our neighbors aren’t trying to scam us with fake documents – they just want their voices heard!  The alternative put in place this year is an embarrassment to us all.

John Crotteau
Candidate for Studio City Neighborhood Council
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